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    Posted by lowes on augusti 5, 2023 at 9:49 f m

    Let me go over the Lord of all trolls, which is really is WoTLK Gold. The fact that there are trolls in the world are an L the fact that trolls have been getting more and more ignorant over the years. Like trolls are the biggest loser race of all of Wow. It’s true You can look it up. It’s the most ridiculous sh*t. Yeah, they’re actually dumb as fuckers.

    Then platinum well, and here’s my interpretation of the background of the Jakari trolls as well as their rise to power and their inevitable downfall and how you were the players who contributed to the cause.

    Hey, welcome! 16.000 10 , years back, so long time ago all of the troll tribes are once the strongest of all civilizations of the time of the old count.

    They fought in a war with those Old God minions called they have heard that this battle was called the A Kier and troll war. It’s very clever you might say? In any case, am in love with is how Blizzard was like yeah, so we’re gonna pay you to make an video. We’ll send it to you and he’ll just throw us in there like nope seems good to me. Yes, the name was sort of WoTLK Classic Gold boring, let’s be real. Yep, that’s that’s fine.

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