• Madden 24 Season 2 Release Date And Rewards

    Posted by Jime on oktober 5, 2023 at 12:20 f m

    With Season 1 now gradually ending, which was home to hit programs such as Headliners and Campus Heroes, fans are starting to direct their attention towards what’s to come in Madden 24 Ultimate Team’s very next chapter, in Season 2. Madden 24 Season 2 for Ultimate Team brings new rewards, new challenges, and more levels to progress through. So, in this guide, let’s discuss what Madden 24 has in store for its fans.

    Madden 24 Season 2 releases on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023. The new season update drops for all platforms on the game, both new-gen and old-gen. Overall, the new season adds more of what fans are familiar with in UT. However, Season 2 does come with some unique rewards.

    Along with the field pass, new player abilities and X-Factors are being introduced in Season 2, which should help shake up the meta and make way for exciting plays. The new X-Factors include:

    Dual Threat – When activated, players have a higher chance to defeat pass blockers & disrupt catches.

    Angry Run – No specific description was given, but it seems to increase the power and success rate of stiff arms when activated.

    Additionally, new superstar abilities make their way into the game. For example, Deep Elite improves catching on Deep Passes. Other Superstar abilities include:

    3rd Down Threat – Better 3rd down mid-range catching vs single coverage

    Linchpin – Stronger Blocking from all offensive linemen

    Interior Threat – Dominant Pass Rush moves from the interior

    AP Total increase for both the offense and defense increases to a total of 7 for Season 2.

    Lastly, Season 2 comes with a new weekly event called Angry Runs, which plays off the new X-Factor of the same name. Additionally, another event, Most Feared, is also on the way. Given the title, we expect more information on that later this month.

    As of right now, we don’t know all the rewards available in Season 2. However, from all the screenshots and preview videos, we know several goodies you can unlock. Some of the rewards included MUT 24 Coins and player items, including an 89 OVR Travis Kelce. An upgradeable card like the previous season also seems plausible.

    We will make sure to add more information about the program rewards once it has been revealed. So, make sure to stay tuned for that. For more guides and all the latest news about Madden 24, check out U4gm.

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